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June 20, 2019by ilumina0

There are 10 ways of how people are sabotaging themselves. These types of negative thinking are:

  • Black and white thinking. Using words like “never”  and “always” in negative statements about yourself.
  • Thinking for others (mind reading), thinking that others think negative about you, or filling in the blanks by negative assumptions you think other people think about you.
  • Predicting (gazing in the future) negative outcomes, guided by fear for the unknown.
  • Over generalization in the negative. Dramatizing your results and thinking that all things will fail if you think you made a little mistake.
  • Not giving credit to the positive, by immediately downsizing your positive trait or accomplishment.
  • Overreacting. A small incident that is neutral in meaning, thinking negative about it and dramatizing the conclusion.
  • Unrealistic expectations guided by obsessions of perfectionism, that nothing seems good enough.
  • Giving yourself negative names or cursing to yourself. Bullying yourself.
  • Being so insecure that you imagine you made a fault or did something wrong even though nothing bad really happened. You take the blame on yourself even though it is not really needed or true.
  • Dramatizing and making a catastrophe from a small incident, fault or negative outcome. Linking one incident to a negative outcome that is beyond proportion.

Most of these patterns go mixed with each other and follow each other. It can be difficult to get out of the loop of negative thinking. First of all you should become aware that you do this and that you sometimes indulge in negative thinking, out of fear or insecurity. It is normal to be afraid of the unknown, and fear arises when you can not predict an outcome. A lot of people have that trait. Try small ways of changing your thoughts, by focusing more on the small things that go right and the small accomplishments that you did reach. Also be aware of the contrasting evidence that happen in your favor when you do take a risk and disprove your negative thinking or assumption that you made.


by ilumina

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