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Art Therapy is used for different kinds of purposes. It can be used for emotional release of events, trauma or difficult situations that you want to give a place, but it can also be used for organizing and representing your thoughts in a streamlined coherent way and to reflect upon it afterwards. It is also a tool to connect to your super-conscious and to find, sometimes symbolic answers to your questions. In this way it can also be used to enhance your spiritual experience and reflect on your life in general or to focus on a certain part of your life. The following projects are supported through my Art Therapy:

-Personality Development: Tree

-Life Areas here and now, Life Areas in the Future: House

-Past release, Now acceptance, Future Dreams: Mandala

-Chakra Themes: Connecting and Envisioning

-Meditative Answers

-Day release Mandala

-Creating a new creative habit: daily drawing


-Use of Mandala’s: days, colors, numbers, affirmations

-Zentangle and the Wandering Mind

-Mindmapping and organizing your Mind

-Visionboard: future life area’s

-Trauma release, acceptance, giving things a place: overdrawing

-Gratefulness Clover

-Affirmations and Symbolism

Because this field is by itself creative, there can be all kinds of expressions in which you can use art therapy. The difference between art therapy and art is that the focus in more on the meaning, the process and how it feels and less on the aesthetic outcome of it. So you don’t have to be a master painter or drawer artist to reap the benefits from art therapy. It is merely a sometimes less verbal and more intuitive way of communicating with your higher self and your own feelings.


Use of materials can be: drawing, painting, pictures, collages, markers, artifacts or pictures of artifacts.

If you are interested in an art therapy session, they are standing on themselves, there is no need for an intake, but there is a need for you to have an open mind and to see what can come up, as it is a more organic and in the moment kind of therapy, so to reap the benefits it’s best not to have certain expectations and just go through the process.

Art Therapy Session
90 min
Art Therapy Session
120 min

*Sessions are including supplies and afterwards you will take your project home and you can work at it further or reflect regularly on it, to improve or to change it.

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