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Reading 30-90 min, including simple print of personal birth chart: $30-$90

Here you can ask one first question and we can see from that question what the horoscope has to say about that situation, what the solution can be or which choice is best made.
Questions you can ask are for example:
-Which type of man/woman fits with me?
-Where lies my talent?
-What kind of hobby fits me?
-What is my appearance, how do I come across?
-What are my capacities I got from birth according to my horoscope?
-What is my inner working?
-What is my calling, do I have a calling in society?
-Who am I?
-What kind of job/study fits me?
-How do I communicate, what is my style?


If you want to know more about a certain specific area in your life or you have more questions about one specific area in your life, this might be the right option for you. This can be interesting if you come across the same type of problems over and over again or if you have a hard time making a decision in that specific life area. This can be love, relationships, character, or choosing a study/career.

If you have any questions regarding work, relationships, being single, hobbies, career choice, talents, creativity, communication or appearance, this can be the right type of consult. We will look at your personal horoscope to get a clear idea of what direction you can take your life to. First we start with some basic questions, and as the consult is going we come across different life areas that might be useful to look at. It is not a prediction of the future, but we can give a prognosis about the current situation and the past.
Personal birth chart consults can be relevant in the areas of: relationship, work, love, single life, goals, aims and joys of life, life direction, character, communication, and any other area of your life.

NEW! Single horoscope analysis – 1 hour – $100 NEW!

Are you already single for a while and you want to know what kind of type fits your personality, we can look at your horoscope and see what the stars have to tell about your love life. We can look at your man image/female image, what you find attractive, how do you attract someone, what went wrong in previous relationship (if applicable) and how can you attract for you a suitable mate or how do you seduce that certain partner that you fancy. This is a combination of coaching and astrology. Here I use astrology as a basis for the coaching sessions.

Reading relationship horoscope, chemistry between two people, mostly potential lovers (synastry), including simple print of two little birth charts of both partners, 60 min: $75

During this reading there is talked about important traits of both partners and the dynamics in a relationship. This can be a beginning for a longer traject, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to get the maximum out of your first reading, you can write down some questions upfront and mail them, so I can focus on those themes. Possibly a reading can take up easily much longer than 60 minutes, so you can think of a next consult or an extended consult, but we can also decide that during or after the first reading. If I have another appointment afterwards immediately, we will stick to the 60 min guideline. The extended consult can take up to 90 min, and costs 65 euro (100 CAD). If you don’t have a birth time of both you and your spouse, the consult will be shorter, but nonetheless still valuable.

Synastry Relationship horoscope analysis – 2 hour – $160

This is a one time only consult to get a better image of your relationship. It is important that both partners give consent for the birth dates/times/places for this horoscope. It is highly personal. It is meant to look at the dynamics of the relationship. It’s also interesting if you don’t bump into problems in your relationship yet, but you’re just curious about your potential as a couple. For both partners there is made a separate horoscope. For both partners is needed a birth date, birth time and birthplace. This can also be fun to have as a symbol of your relationship! If there is problems in the relationship, this can be a good way to start consults and sessions in relationship coaching.

Yearly Transit Reading – 1 hour – $150

In the yearly transit reading you can learn about your yearly cycle. I can also make the solar, which is the theme of the year. Next to that I analyze the transits. I believe in positive influences in the future, so I feel it is important to express positivity and optimism. I want to work closely towards your needs and understand your questioning. I feel that it is important to tune into the waves of your life, so you can feel what matters to you at the moment and what you need at the moment. It is important that you also co-create your own future, with the insight of astrological transits.

Composite Relationship horoscope analysis – 1 hour – $105

This horoscope can only be made after the synastry relationship horoscope analysis. This is because this horoscope combines both your energies and gives a representation of your relationship as is, so which road your relationship takes combining both of your energies. The difference is that synastry exists out of two individual horoscopes and composite is one horoscope of the relationship itself. This is also a fun gift or symbol for your relationship!

For every astrological service I need per mail the next details:

– Name/names
– Birth date, birth place, birth time
– Your email address and if you want personal contact, your phone number
– You want to make an appointment, specific question with explanation if applicable
– If you’re a bit further in astrology and you have a specific question, do mention that upfront, so I can see if I can answer it through mail or if a consult would be better.
– You can also gift a horoscope analysis to a friend or family member! Ask for the possibilities.

Extra service: Vedic astrology session – 60 min: $135

If you are interested in a spiritual dimension and layer under your mundane horoscope, you might be interested in a vedic astrology consult. This astrology goes underneath the surface of your current horoscope and looks at subconscious dynamics in your life. With the vedic astrology you can also look at your career and married life separately as if a new entity. If you wish to look at career or married life separately, it will take 30 min extra for 30 euro (45 CAD) on top of the standard consult of your birth chart. It is an additive, so you have to first look at the main chart, and from there on look at the divisional chart, career (dasamsa) or married life (navamsa). This service is only possible with a birth date, birth time and birthplace of the person.

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