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June 19, 2019by ilumina0

This is a huge work of all kinds of associations with archetypes in your life. The book lets you cast a chart of archetypes for yourself, whereas you can choose which archetypes of a huge list of around 70 archetypes are your core archetypes. Then you cast the chart, which looks like a birth chart of astrology, but then simplified. The casting happens in a tarot kind of fashion, where you put the names of the archetypes on pieces of papers and the numbers of the houses of your life (astrological houses) on 12 other pieces of paper, and then you choose blindly which archetype belongs to which house, using your intuition off course. You can only cast the chart once, because it is resembling your birth chart in some way, just through tarot style.

The book combines Tarot with Astrology and creates a whole new style out of combining both theories. Also there is a huge amount of descriptions of archetypes, the importance of archetypes in peoples lives and how you might play a certain role or pattern that resembles an archetype.

It’s a nice book to read, everything is explained clearly. For me as astrologer, I like the astrology wheel as it is, more, because it doesn’t let you influence by preference what the outcome might be, whereas with the idea of Myss you use your intuition and have to be really honest to yourself which archetypes fit you or describe your story line. This might sometimes be (too) confronting or hard to see for yourself, whereas with an astrological chart you get to absorb the information that was there when you got born. However, the positive also can be that you can choose your own archetypes somewhat, so there is more free will involved there. Downside is also that if you are honest to yourself, you might also find out that you have an archetype that you don’t like that much (like everyone has the prostitute for example, because it links to survival instinct, and your price to sell something of yourself), but all archetypes have a light and shadow side according to Myss. Also it challenges you to go beyond your stereotypes, and grow further than your archetype might say you can grow, by being conscious of your archetype, you can freely choose to step out of that pattern. So in that sense it helps to be aware of the archetype mechanics. You finally get a chance to react differently because you are aware that it is your archetype. Also the idea is that you have to fulfill your archetype needs in some ways, because those are your needs in a similar way, in a certain area in your life to which the archetype corresponds according to your casted chart. So sooner or later you are going to play the role of the archetype in that area of your life or you are already playing that role. Doing more casting on the archetypes can help you deal with your archetypical patterns. The method can give you insight in your own archetypes, especially because you consciously choose your basic archetypes yourself, so you know they play a role in your life.

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by ilumina

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