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July 4, 2019by ilumina0

This book is about the female sexual anatomy of women. It is an interesting book, because it lays down all the parts of female sexuality. It is however an introduction towards more sexual freedom for women.

The exercises come down to the idea to exercise (by yourself or with a partner, but first by yourself), it’s not much different than if you are already liberated. It is however giving you ideas that other ways of sexual pleasure are possible for women, besides the normal orgasm. Like for example a full body orgasm, an orgasm in a certain area of the body besides the genitals.

It has some connection to the Tao and the Chinese art of sexuality and arousal. It also explains in one practice how the micro cosmic orbit works, an exercise that comes out of the Healing of Tao.

A fun trick is to connect sexuality to different things that you do, so you can get orgasmic aroused from all kinds of things without touching yourself, if you might want that. It does sound funny, you can “learn” yourself to get orgasmic aroused from a phone call (from your husband) or get orgasmic by reading something non particularly arousing, by connecting sexuality with certain activities. You can only get orgasmic from something else if you already can get orgasmic by just touching yourself. It’s not just getting aroused, it means actually having an orgasm without touching yourself.

There is a lot of female anatomy in the book, so the title makes sense. However they call the G spot the urethral sponge, so that is a bit confusing, if you don’t know that that is actually the same thing she talks about.

There is a small part about the Amrita, the female ejaculation, written and how to practice it.

A lot of black and white ancient pictures of art, classy and stylish, at least artistic in some sense.

The book is nice to read and has a lot of humor and lightness about the topic of female sexuality, but for me it is a bit a starters book, because she doesn’t go deep into the how and the exercises, it is more about all kinds of phenomena around female sexuality that are possible. She does make some good reasoning towards the importance to practice the pelvic floor muscles or vaginal muscles of the woman. It is used for better sex and for stronger muscles even when you grow older as a woman, that you don’t get leaking urine problems.

At the end there is a glossary of how guys should treat girls sexually, and there are tips in the book how guys should treat girls sexually. Also there is a liberation going about talking openly about sexuality, and not feeling shameful or suppress sexuality, because in the end it is a healthy bodily and energetic, emotional and even spiritual function, if you do it the right way with respect for yourself and others.

I found it funny that she was talking about the word “slut” as a positive word, meaning a woman enjoying sex in a liberated way, not so much being promiscuous.

The writer is a nurse-midwife, child birth educator, gynecology practitioner, holistic healer, so she might know a lot about the female body and how to use the female sexuality to its full potential, combining eastern and western philosophy in this (introduction) book.

by ilumina

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