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Looking for collaboration!

Are you interested in a partnership? My proposal is to work together with other people to create a fruitful practice in Holistic Counselling. My practice is for women and men.

If other people apply, we should look for a location in Downtown Vancouver BC together, and split the rent of the location. You can look on this website for the services that I offer at the moment. If you offer similar or different (holistic) services or treatments, it would be nice to set up a practice together. We could also decide on the amount we should spend on renting a suitable place.

Vacancy, Collaboration

Collaborative tasks:

-Interest and education in holistic counselling

-Helping with E-marketing, Social Media Marketing, marketing research together

-Being in the society to know what people really need

-Shaping the startup together

-Creativity and Ideas

-Positive CAN do mentality!

-No criticism, non judgmental, open mind, creative

-Interested in relationships, and the dating scene

About Me


My Approach:

“It’s my goal to create a comfortable,
safe environment, where we’ll
work to achieve the goal together.”

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