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What is Meditative Hypnotherapy?

The meditative therapy sessions itself can take up from 30 minutes maximum. This can differ per problem and per goal. If you think counseling doesn’t reach the problem quite well or if you want to dive deeper in your subconscious, then meditative therapy might be the right solution for you. You go into meditative state, and while you’re there I’m going to ask your subconscious to support you in the right direction. Important with this is that I also need your words to talk to your subconscious, so it can help you even further. Each session is for that reason really personal and not translatable to another person.

For guidance against all kinds op psychological discomforts, I can help you through guided meditative therapy. The meditative therapy is sort of a meditative state where you get positive suggestions that reboot and can change your possible flawed beliefs about reality. This is how we can treat fear, but also addictions. Most of all we can change long term behavior by implementing good suggestions in the subconscious. In this way your mind and body knows and is aware of the positive possibilities that might change your life for the better!

You can also see meditative therapy as a form of guided meditation, even though it is important to also believe in the treatment yourself, so the effect will be more evident. You have to have an open mind to use this treatment, otherwise you will sabotage your own progress. It is also important that you want to change a certain behavior pattern, so you are willing on a conscious level at least that the current behavior is not what you want, and you want to replace it with more healthy or better suitable behavior.

Meditative therapy is for you if you can at least relax so you can get into a certain sleep-awake state, called a meditative state. This would have the best effects for the treatment.

What is Single Counselling/Coaching?

Single coaching/counseling is for people who don’t feel right being single or who want to know how to improve life. You don’t know what you want, or you want a relationship or you at least know that you don’t want a same or any relationship. At least you want to be happy. In the sessions we’re going to give you total awareness of your own capacities (what are they and how to use them), and we give you tools to work with in your life as a single. Also we’re going to look at previous relationship, and if there were no relationships, why didn’t they happen. We’re going to look for obstacles and how to overcome them. We’re going to look at your appearance, what kind of men or women do you attract, what does attraction mean to you, what do you really search for and what have you tried already. The knowledge you will gain at the sessions you can not only use in finding a suitable partner, but also in contact with friends and other relationships. It’s important to know how to present yourself. Single coaching/counselling is for you if:

– you’re single and you want to have a relationship

– you don’t feel feminine/masculine/sexual/desirable

– social pressure, vulnerability, shame, guilt, trauma, feeling excluded or like the black sheep

– being shy, introvert, social phobia, black sheep

– you’ve tried “everything”

– ideals, how to find the one, what is the one

– recovering from a broken heart, heartbreak, loss, difficulties in letting go

– you’re in love but don’t know how to go about it

– loneliness, scared of ending up alone

– mixed relationships (culture, religion, ethnicity)

– sexuality, sexual behavior, sexual problems, deviant sexual thoughts, sexual health, taboo around sexuality

– attracting “the wrong type”, sexual abuse

– overcoming religious/cultural taboo

– self love, self respect, self worth, insecurity

– difficult childhood

– internet dating, pro’s and con’s

– female/male archetypes

– is there more or is this it-feeling

If you’re insecure, or you have questions about relationships or your relationship, you can send me an email and we can look if single coaching/counselling is the right solution for you. Coaching is about going further also on your own afterwards, so you have to practice and you will get tools to get ahead, while you get feedback and tips. Counseling is for the emotional support and room for emotional letting out.

Single coaching/counselling is also interesting for people who just want someone to listen to them and give them meaningful feedback about their process and in which direction they might better develop.

What is Intimacy Counselling?

If you have a certain issue that you don’t know how to deal with in your sexual life, then sex counseling might be useful for you. If you have questions or you come across certain unchanging patterns within yourself or if you cannot seem to progress at where you are in your sexual life, you might benefit from counseling. The counseling sessions exists out of talking and some Tantric exercises. Afterwards I give you ideas to practice in the privacy of your own home. I combine the traditional western knowledge with the eastern Tantric knowledge, which makes my therapy more effective than just western counseling, where there is no real space for a holistic (healthy/spiritual) view on sexuality.

If you have any questions about sexuality and sexual development for women, taboo’s or you want to know something about female sexuality, you can get this type of counseling and education. This is meant for women who experience some or any sexual difficulty or frustration. I am an educated tantra teacher and followed courses on sexology and relationships. My field of scope is also developing passions, creativity, eroticism, taboo subjects, male & female dynamics and overcoming fears. 

If you are interested in discovering your own feelings and understanding better where your own boundaries are, or how to deal with double emotions and difficulty, the taboo and your own hidden story or drama, that needs to get a place in your life and find out how to coop with your inner shadow side, there is the possibility to do this in a safe and comfortable space.

What is the difference between Relationship Counselling and Intimacy Counselling/Coaching?

As I do counseling for all kinds of problems, I’m geared towards female issues, relationship questions, love and single questions. This is a part of my counseling where I focus on. It is important for a woman to feel good in her skin, feel loved, feel worthy, even if single or in a relationship. It is also important to have a good sexual identity with yourself and feel in balance with yourself. This needs male as well as female aspects in the woman.

It can be hard sometimes as a woman if you are alone or not in an optimal relationship. Sometimes it is even difficult to talk about it, because of shame, guilt, taboo, culture or certain convictions. Not everyone that has difficulty or curiosity with handling or forming a relationship is obviously seen as psychological ill, so you can most often not get advice in regular ways through psychiatrists or psychologists. This might also be just a step too far for you anyway. There can be all kinds of reasons why it is not possible for you to talk about your problems, or you can not find the right confidential who can help you deal with emotions, life questions, sexuality, being single or having a relationship, your future or ambitions.

I give single consults, relationship consults and consults directed towards sexual problems or questions. I’m also skilled at handling different cultures and religions in how to deal with your questions regarding relationships and sexuality. I know in different cultures sexuality might be taboo and also some kind of upbringing might make it difficult to explore your own identity. This can become an issue in a relationship where you find out that you are blocked or don’t feel secure in your own skin.

I can work with all kinds of women from different cultures, religions, all ages from child till grown up, different educational levels, spiritual or just scientific. If you resonate with the need or feeling that you want to talk or receive useful feedback, you can always contact me and we can see what is possible. Every contact always stays confidential.

We can do all kinds of exercises to let you grow as a person. These exercises come from art therapy, expression, but also tantric practices. The counseling can exist out of talking, but also exercises like breathing, meditation, dancing, scents, ambiance, mind blockages etcetera. It is a whole package and the whole person is important, it doesn’t only happen at the genitals, the whole person is involved. I’m also specialized in belly dance, gogo dance and club dance, so I can teach you how to move sensually, to feel better and more confident in your own skin

The difference between coaching and counselling

Coaching is to teach and develop new capacities and gain new insights to look in a different way at your situation. Fancy terminology talks about cognitive behavioral therapy, nlp, positive psychology. Counselling is offering emotional support and guidance in your situation. The difference is also that Coaching deals with the present and the future, while counselling is more directed to dealing with the past.

For the session the name is not important, so you can use another name. Looking at the sensitive topics that can be discussed I can imagine that someone doesn’t feel comfortable. If your situation is psychiatric or medical, I have to send you to another specialist in that particular field.

Do you need or feel that you could benefit from either Relationship Counselling or Intimacy Counselling/Coaching, feel free to contact me and we can work on improving your feelings

What is the need for Single Coaching/Counselling?

Nowadays more people get or stay single, also after divorcing or after a series of short relationships. It’s not always easy to be single. The pressure of friends, family and how to deal with feelings of being alone or even lonely are all contributing to not feeling optimal.

There can be also a deeper problem that comes from single living for a long time. Next to relational loneliness it can also become an intimacy loneliness. This need for intimacy especially when growing up, after 18 years, can be struggling, to find the right interpretation of how you can coop in a healthy way with your sexuality and self image. Some people might flee into pornography or short term relationships or even one night stands. Also the sexualization of society and women in general makes that women can come to believe that being sexualized is actually a positive thing to want, as it gives admiration from men and repulsion and jealousy from other women. This however doesn’t mean it is always healthy for your own self worth in the long term. This behavior comes from a lack of self esteem and guidance. What to do, who to talk to, what do your friends do, and the taboo to talk to even your own parents sometimes.

The intimacy loneliness can drive people towards some kind of sexual obsession or dysfunctional behavior, if you look at it from a traditional healthy perspective, where marriage or living a harmonious loving and sexual live is balanced. Nowadays there are all kinds of directions in sexual liberty, but it doesn’t mean that everything you can think of or everything that is shown in pornography is supposed to be healthy at all.

The healthier ways to coop are mostly a finding people to talk to, or finding a stable relationship. Some people find their guidance through religion, but not everyone can handle this, and not everyone understands these things, and not everyone chooses to do so or is even raised in a religion. Also, the sometimes summier knowledge that religion is describing about this behavior doesn’t always give sense and guidance.

In religion for example it is said to fast when you feel sexual desire, and it is also said to marry young, and it is also said to put your gaze down when meeting someone you might be attracted to, and so there are more rules that define how men and women should interact with each other if they are not having a sexual relationship with each other. These rules work up to a certain point, when you are not confronted with different opinions and people that are having different standards of interactions.

Intimacy loneliness can also lead to deviant thoughts about sexuality, different paraphilia’s, unfulfilled desires and obsession, especially combined with social anxiety and the lack of social skills to express your feelings in a productive way. Dealing healthy with sexual feelings can also be creative arts in some ways. Some people express sexual frustration in their need to eat a lot or certain food or all kinds of food, too satisfy their inner need for intimacy.

It’s not that easy to overcome intimacy loneliness by yourself. The healthiest is still to build a suitable and nurturing relationship with another human being. Sometimes you can be happy and look at the positive side, but at the end of the day it is wonderful to have someone to share your life, dreams and hopes with!

Do you need someone to understand and talk to, or to give you new insight in how to coop and make a better plan for yourself? You can schedule an appointment now and we can talk about your needs and wants!

Are you interested to try out this new way of coaching and counselling, feel free to send me a message to make an appointment.

What kind of Life Counselling do I give?

I give Life Coaching and Counselling. I use for the counseling different therapies, like Rational Emotive Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching techniques. I also use Archetypes Therapy. If requested I can also use Meditative Hypnotherapy. I also give online sessions. If you are interested in more spiritual counselling, there is a section about spiritual counselling.

In the intake you will tell your story, and we will determine the plan. We get to know each other, and I will explain the procedures. We can already solve some little things, but the main reason is so you can tell your story and I will explain what can be done and how I can help you.

The first intake can be made in immediately a counseling session and there can be already a lot that happens. During the first intake the course of the treatments will be determined. The course is never solid, and you can always decide if you’ve been helped enough on your way. If you know the problems are deep within you, and you need more space to talk about your issue, we can plan a session of 1,5 hour. This is enough for a first intake and a well rounded counseling session. After that each session is on its own.

This is a form of talk therapy where emotions can come free and we can use emotions to guide us to come closer to the core issue. There is the possibility to share your story and how you can go from point a to point b. This can be practical, but also emotional, physical, mentally or spiritually. This is not meant for psychiatric treatment, but it can support it.

An online session can exist out of an intake or a follow up, but takes about 45 min for any of them. In principle it works the same as face to face counseling, it is just easier for people who live further away or can not come to the practice. However payment should find place upfront through paypal.

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