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General causes of sexual dysfunctions can be sorted in 3 categories: physiological, psychological or social. The three types of help that can be offered in general is psychological help, self help en medical help. During a consult, we focus on self help en psychological help. For medical help, medication, you have to contact your doctor. If the sexual dysfunction is not physiological, but is rooted in the mental, emotional or spiritual self, we can work towards that during session(s). Also a combination is possible, when you are medically treated by the doctor, and you need psychological support or guidance towards self help.

Physiological cause can be:
– Changing of hormones
– Age and changing of body
– After pregnancy
– Tired, sickness
– Difficulty with movement or some positions
– Pharmacological side effects (medicines)
– Over- or Under sensitivity of certain physical sensations
– Change in the sexual response due to physical trauma
– Pain with sexual intercourse
– Anatomical changes to the genitals or mutilations

Psychological cause can be:
– Strict raising with taboo
– Dysfunctional ideas of sexuality
– Not feeling comfortable in own body
– Depression (can be a cause but also effect of sexual dysfunction)
– Feeling that you are not normal
– Not seeing the point of sexuality, not enjoying sexuality
– Being caught up in other things
– Being caught up with a disease
– Scared of losing control
– Feeling like failure, low self esteem
– Seeing your own body as an enemy (not loving yourself), thus not enjoying sex
– Emotions that make pleasurable sex or arousal difficult (like anger, shame, anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, guilt, tension, restlessness, imbalanced, stressed)
– Infertility problems or the feeling of not being fertile or being incompetent
– Disturbed self image or body image
– No allowing yourself to experience positive emotions

Social cause can be:
– A relationship or sexual encounter that traumatized you
– Friends that try to show off
– Society that is trying to show you an image of sexuality that is not according to reality
– Pornography and the bad effects it can have on people
– Not enough intimacy
– Not being able to communicate or talk about the issues (with people or with spouse)
– Social isolation

If you have to deal with some kind of sexual issue, you can contact me, and we can find a possible solution towards healing during intimacy counselling or I might refer you to another sexological specialist. 

by ilumina

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