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Swedish Relaxing Massage

This is a relaxing massage that is of light to medium pressure with sometimes deeper pressure. It is meant to relax and treat, but not for serious injuries.

60 min – $70


Indian Head Massage

It is recommended to not wear your hair styled or in a tight knot, because this massage covers the head scalp, the face, the neck, shoulders.

30 min – $40


Lomi Lomi Massage

This massage is deeper than a normal relaxing massage, and is a holistic treatment because it covers the whole body at once, and not just body parts. For this reason it works also energetically to integrate and ground yourself.

60 min – $70


Bamboo Massage

This massage is the deepest massage, and I use massage bamboo sticks and small wooden attributes to give a deeper massage. It can be suitable for knots and sore muscles.

60 min – $70


Pregnancy Massage

With this type of massage the woman lies on her side with a pregnancy pillow, and comfortable so the lower back and neck, shoulders can be massaged, but also legs and arms.

60 min – $70


Fertility Massage

This is a full belly massage with focus on the ovaries and uterus. The massage has to be repeated to give effect over time, so it is best to do this massage at least in sessions of 4 times.

30 min – $60


Combination of Bamboo and Relaxing Massage

This type of massage is combined with bamboo sticks, wooden attributes and regular massage with the hands. It is a full body massage and treatment is combined from medium to deep pressure.

75 min – $80


Feet Massage

To focus on the feet especially this massage is a relaxing massage, for now not yet meant as a reflexology treatment for different problems. It is only for relaxing purposes.

25 min – $35


Neck, Shoulder, Back Massage

Focusing relaxing massage on the back, neck and shoulders.

45 min – $65


Feet and Legs Massage

Focusing relaxing massage on the feet and legs front and back.

45 min – $65


Full Backside Body Massage

This massage is suitable if you don’t want to turn around during the massage, but still want to experience a full body massage. It is suitable for people that cannot or don’t want to lie on the back.

60 min – $70


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a good energetic treatment and is suitable especially in winter times. It also relaxing the muscles deeper. There is also a chakra balancing involved if requested.

60 min – $70



This massage is a relaxing massage while lying on a warm or cold waterpillow. It is suitable for people that cannot or will not lie on the belly. It is also suitable as pregnancy massage, while lying on the back. It is a full body massage, so the back, neck and shoulders are also massaged while lying on the pillow.

60 min – $70


Anti Cellulite Massage

Suitable for the area’s of the belly, the bum and the upper legs, front and back. During a treatment the focus is on one area. The massage needs to be repeated in sessions of 8 times to have a significant effect, including enough drinking of water and conscious healthy life style change. This massage can feel painful, but it differs per person.

30 min – $50


Aromatherapy addition

If requested I can use aromatherapy, essential oils or scented oils. This can be therapeutic and can enhance the massage experience.

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