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Life Coaching and Counselling

I give Life Coaching and Counselling. In the intake you will tell your story, and we will determine the plan. We get to know each other, and I will explain the procedures. We can already solve some little things, but the main reason is so you can tell your story and I will explain what can be done and how I can help you.

What to expect?

The first intake can be made in immediately a counseling session and there can be already a lot that happens. During the first intake the course of the treatments will be determined. The course is never solid, and you can always decide if you’ve been helped enough on your way. If you know the problems are deep within you, and you need more space to talk about your issue, we can plan a session of 1,5 hour. This is enough for a first intake and a well rounded counseling session. After that each session is on its own.

In Life Coaching & Counselling we can talk about cooping with:
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Stress Coping Strategies
  • Self Esteem Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Life Vision
  • Life Balance
What kind of therapy do I use?

This is a form of talkative therapy where emotions can come free and we can use emotions to guide us to come closer to the core issue. There is the possibility to share your story and how you can go from point a to point b. This can be practical, but also emotional, physical, mentally or spiritually. This is not meant for psychiatric treatment, but it can support it.

I use Rational Emotive Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching techniques. I also use Archetypes Therapy. If requested I can also use Meditative Hypnotherapy. I also give online sessions. If you are interested in more spiritual counselling, there is a section about spiritual counselling.

Online Sessions

An online session can exist out of an intake or a follow up, but takes about 45 min for any of them. In principle it works the same as face to face counselling, it is just easier for people who live further away or can not come to the practice. However payment should find place upfront through paypal.

If you want to book an appointment you can contact me and I will get back to you soon!

Life Coaching and Counselling

Service Price List

Intake Counselling
Counselling (90 min)
Life Coaching & Counselling (60 min)
Meditative Hypnotherapy (20-35 min)
Online Counselling
Counselling (45/60 min)
Student Counselling
Counselling (90 min)
Low Income Counselling
Counselling (90 min)

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My Approach:

“It’s my goal to create a comfortable,
safe environment, where we’ll
work to achieve the goal together.”

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