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June 30, 2019by ilumina0

Intuition is not always reliable. Prejudices, emotions, wrong assumptions, traumatic experiences, something you really want etc. can disturb your intuition. It is for that reason sensible to use your common sense also, even if you take your intuition into account.

How to use your intuition?

-Write your dreams in your journal as soon as you wake up. Your subconscious doesn’t sleep and for that reason has the useful information about your life? About what do you dream? What are the themes that reoccur? After a while you will find your patterns and they can help you choose.

-Use an intuition journal. Make notes about your feelings and thoughts. It helps you listen better to your subconscious. Also drawing can be a good method to connect to your most inner feelings.

-Meditate or find your peace in nature. Have a walk in the forest or parc. It helps you distance yourself from your busy life and thoughts in your head. Because you create space and peace to listen and to feel what story, feelings or thoughts play in your subconscious.

-Listen to your gut feeling. What does it say if you have to make an (important) decision? About for example a new job, a new house? Do you feel butterflies or does it feel like pressure and heavy?

-React spontaneous when you have to make a decision. You can act on a hunch, feeling or whim. Say: “I’m going to do that”. Forget about the pro’s and con’s and weighing the but’s and the if’s. Go with the flow and follow your heart!

Source: https://www.sonneveltopleidingen.nl/artikel/waar-komt-intuitie-vandaan

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