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July 4, 2019by ilumina0

Sleep problems can be a difficult challenge to deal with. As people get more stressed it gets more and more difficult to fall asleep. Also when people are depressed or taking medication it can easily get out of hand.

How to create a good sleep routine?

-Wake up earlier in the morning.

-Don’t go to bed during the day.

-Drink a sleepy herbal tea or honey with warm milk.

-Lower your stress levels.

-Don’t sit too much behind the PC.

-Get a walk outside at the end of the day.

-Shower and wash away the stress.

-You can use supplements to fall asleep: magnesium, melatonin, passion flower, GABA, Valeriana, tryptophan. And if it really doesn’t work you can also use medication on prescription but that can have side effects and sometimes it is difficult to quit when you use sleeping medication for a longer time. So better is to use natural supplements first, instead of getting hooked on the medication.

-Having a job or activities during the day that are physical can also help feeling sleepy at the end of the day.

-Physical activity during the day can also help reduce stress.

-Meditation can help, but if your anxious or too stressed it might be better to first do something active

-Lower medication if possible, if sleeplessness is a side effect, talk to your medical doctor. Ask what are different possibilities.

-You can do light and slow yoga exercises and meditation before going to bed.

-Get regular exercise like swimming.

-Go every day on the same time to bed and wake up around the same time.

-Write down your problems and worries in a diary or notebook so you can let go of your problems before going to bed.

-Sexuality can also play a big role in why people can not fall asleep. If you are too excited some people can not fall asleep. This can be the case for women and men. Just hugging can also help.

-Go to bed when you actually feel sleepy.

-Don’t go over your sleep boundary.

-Read a story book, so not a book that excites or makes you think a lot, but a book that relaxes your brain.

-Listen to sleep music. This is a special genre of music.

-It can be that during the spring and summer season you sleep less because the sun rises earlier, even if the blinds are closed.

-Don’t eat late at night.

-Go to washroom before going to bed.

-Thankfulness, for some people Prayer might help or Mantra, depending on your believe.

You should take your sleep routine seriously, because if you don’t sleep enough you can get brain symptoms that can be disturbing if you feel anxious or depressed.

Sleep rhythm can improve over time, if you take care of it. So don’t give up on it. 

by ilumina

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