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March 3, 2020by ilumina1

Improve your libido quality

  • Maca, specifically Black Maca
  • Tribulus. Tribulus terrestris, also known as bindii
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Red Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Pistachio Nuts
  • Saffron
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam

Improve your semen quality

  1. Take D-Aspartic Acid Supplements.
  2. Exercise Regularly.
  3. Get Enough Vitamin C.
  4. Relax and Minimize Stress.
  5. Get Enough Vitamin D.
  6. Try Tribulus Terrestris.
  7. Take Fenugreek Supplements.
  8. Get Enough Zinc.
  9. Take Ashwagandha.
  10. Coenzym Q10
  11. D-Aspartic Acid (Testosterone boosting)
  12. Get enough Folate (Vitamin B9)
  13. Lycopene
  14. Get enough Vitamin E.
  15. Garcinia Kola (Bitter Kola)

In the Chinese Tao Healing Energy Medicine there are also techniques (Qigong), Acupuncture and herbs that might help with improving your libido and semen quality. Mantak Chia is one of the most famous people in the Healing Tao Medicine.

Chinese Herbs that are used for libido enhancement are:

• Mutton, Chinese chives and walnuts

For both men and women, low libido is usually associated with Kidney-yang deficiency. Eating these foods could address the deficiency and restore balance.

• Cordyceps

Besides helping replenish Kidney Essence to promote libido, Cordyceps has a host of other health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system.

• Deer Antler

Deer Antler is known to be a powerful yang tonic. Ground into a fine powder and drunk with water or soup, it could help replenish the Kidney Essence and sustain energy levels.

Other patented Chinese medicine recipes for sexual dysfunction in men are:

  • Shih Chuan Ta Pu Wang
  • Sexatone
  • Liu Wei
  • Royal Gold
  • Strong Man Boa
  • Nan Boa

Male impotency, premature ejaculation or lack of ejaculation can according to TCM be a depletion of kidney Qi. This depletion can happen due to high stress, poor nutrition, excessive sexual activity, and age.

Prostate Issues and Herbs

-Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate): Saw Palmetto
-Prostatitis (inflamed urinary tract and prostate): reduce stress, reduce caffeine, reduce alcohol, incl low fat high carb diet: Saw Palmetto, Buchu, Cornsilk, Uva-Ursi, Echinacea, Barberry, Marshmallow root. Zinc (oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds, or supplement).

Male Baldness/Graying

-Fo Ti (He Shou Wu)
-Saw Palmetto
-Dong Quai
-Aloe Vera
-Gotu Kola

Supplements: Zinc, Selenium, Biotin (Vitamin B7), Silica, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E.


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