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Women that want to dance in a group, but want to keep their own style of moving/dancing on the music, without judging and just feeling the music. Suitable for women of all ages (18+). Experiment with different kinds of music!

I placed her some vid’s of my dancing journey of free dancing. You are not supposed to dance like me, because your dance is your expression. It is fun though to experiment and dance on all kinds of different music, rhythm, instruments, songs, genres, to feel how the music feels to your body. You can also combine any dance moves you have, so there is no real restrictions!

This video was the first one outside dancing in nature, in Gran Canaria.

This video shows some belly dance movements on the belly dance music.

This video shows a mix of oriental, belly dance and free style improvisation on an Asian dialect music.

This is a totally free style dance on a bit electronic dark song, where I’m just dancing on the beach in nature.

This video is based on a mix of celtic, tribal and belly dance music.

This video is based on a remix of a popular song, habits, stay high.

This video is based on an exotic dance music compilation in reggae format.

This video is based on music of electronic and digitized music.

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