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Intuitive Dance is a different form of expression than stylized dancing, which you mostly learn in a regular dance class. The difference with intuitive dance is that the focus is more on feeling the music, moving with your own body and letting go of how it looks like first of all just to release the feelings.

This type of dance is also exercised as part of preparation before meditation, to get yourself in a ecstatic or trance like state, so you can go deeper into meditation afterwards. The purpose of this kind of dance is not especially to make it look nice, but also to make it feel good and to connect to your inner feelings while listening to the music.

It is based on the Tantric idea of own expression and own feelings, instead of stylizing your dance to the maximum. I want to connect to the feeling of freedom dance and ecstatic experience. The whole experience is important, not just the music, or just the way you look, but all together.

This dance is based on different types of dancing, namely Belly Dance, Bollywood, Gogo Dance and Exotic and Sensual Dance. The idea is connect to your inner passion and let intuition guide you to your own expression, while listening to the instrumental music.

I wanted to shape this dance form so that you can dance free but don’t want to follow a regular dance class. It is more for releasing emotions and connecting to your own expressions based on the instrumental music.


Intuitive Trance Dance Private – 60 min – $70

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