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Single, Relationship & Intimacy Counselling
* Single Coaching & Counselling

Single coaching/counselling is for people who don’t feel right being single or who want to know how to improve life. You don’t know what you want, or you want a relationship or you at least know that you don’t want a same or any relationship. At least you want to be happy.

What to expect? 

In the sessions we’re going to give you total awareness of your own capacities (what are they and how to use them), and we give you tools to work with in your life as a single. Also we’re going to look at previous relationship, and if there were no relationships, why didn’t they happen. We’re going to look for obstacles and how to overcome them. We’re going to look at your appearance, what kind of men or women do you attract, what does attraction mean to you, what do you really search for and what have you tried already. The knowledge you will gain at the sessions you can not only use in finding a suitable partner, but also in contact with friends and other relationships. It’s important to know how to present yourself.

Coaching or Counselling?

If you’re insecure, or you have questions about relationships or your relationship, you can send me an email and we can look if single coaching/counselling is the right solution for you. Coaching is about going further also on your own afterwards, so you have to practice and you will get tools to get ahead, while you get feedback and tips. Counseling is for the emotional support and room for emotional letting out.

Single coaching/counselling is also interesting for people who just want someone to actively listen to them and give them meaningful feedback about their process and in which direction they might better develop.

* Relationship Counselling

Do you feel you crossed a certain dilemma in your relationship and you want to hear some feedback? Do you feel your relationship is in a bad shape or not that fun anymore, or your sex life is going through the drain? All kinds of questions around your relationship are good to talk about. During an intake we can look at the situation and give an estimation for a solution or different solutions.

Is Relationship Counselling something for you?

Are you in a troubled relationship, or do you have questions about your relationship or how you can improve your sex life? Do you have problems with the current relationship or you just want to know how to make it more interesting or develop further? Or do you feel that some feelings in the relationship don’t get answered, satisfied or heard? Questions around your relationship, or your past relationships or your future relationship can come into the light during the sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me! If you want to book an appointment you can also contact me and I will get back to you soon!

Single Coaching, Relationship and Intimacy Counselling
* Intimacy Counselling

If you have a certain issue that you don’t know how to deal with in your sexual life, then sex counselling might be useful for you. If you have questions or you come across certain unchanging patterns within yourself or if you cannot seem to progress at where you are in your sexual life, you might benefit from counselling.

What to expect? 

The counselling sessions exists out of talking and some Tantric exercises. Afterwards I give you ideas to practice in the privacy of your own home. I combine the traditional western knowledge with the eastern Tantric knowledge, which makes my therapy more effective than just western counselling, where there is no real space for a holistic (healthy/spiritual) view on sexuality.

Taboo & Sexual Development

If you have any questions about sexuality and sexual development for women, taboo’s or you want to know something about female sexuality, you can get this type of counselling and education. This is meant for women who experience some or any sexual difficulty or frustration. I am an educated tantra teacher and followed courses on sexology and relationships. My side of expertise lies also in developing passions, creativity, eroticism, delving into taboo subjects, overcoming fears and male &  female dynamics.

Discover your Deeper Needs & Boundaries

If you are interested in discovering your own feelings and understanding better where your own boundaries are, or how to deal with double emotions and difficulty, the taboo and your own hidden story or drama, that needs to get a place in your life and find out how to coop with your inner shadow side, there is the possibility to do this in a safe and comfortable space.

Service Price List

Intake Counselling
Counselling (90 min)
Follow Up Sessions
Counselling (60 min)
Online Counselling
Counselling (45/60 min)

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