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Spiritual Counselling
Spiritual Counselling is useful for different people, younger people, people of middle age and people of older age. Depending on your own spiritual progress in life it is useful to spend time on your spiritual development.
The Current Quest of Spiritual Development

Nowadays there are a lot of different roads towards attaining spiritual knowledge. Sometimes this can seem overwhelming in the search of finding inner peace and balance. Because there are so many directions towards religions, philosophies and spiritual choices, it can be a quest by itself to find the right kind of life conviction that fits your needs. Nowadays most people (in the west) have the freedom to choose their own life conviction. Also people from different origins get to know more about other religions and spiritual choices because of the globalization.

Society & Religious Choices

I can help you navigate through different spiritual and religious directions. Also, if you don’t want to convey to a certain mainstream religion, I can help you navigate through your existential questions and thoughts. Spiritual Counselling is useful if you have existential questions and if you feel you need some kind of feeling or expression of what makes sense in your life.

Your Personal Spiritual Road

It can be that you are at a crossroad in your life where you start asking yourself some serious life questions. We can look at it together and see or feel if there are answers to these questions that give meaning to your life. Doing what you are meant to do or what you love can sometimes be a struggle, because of the demands that society puts on people. Spiritual Counselling can also be useful to find your purpose or quest or living your story and feel connected to the things you undertake in life.

Spiritual Counselling for Younger Adults

This type of counselling is also useful for younger adults, because of the changing society and questions around profession and a meaningful life. Some young adults start asking themselves these questions at a younger age.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me! If you want to book an appointment you can also contact me and I will get back to you soon!

Spiritual Counselling
Dream Analysis

The power of dreams has always been fascinated by people over time. In the early ages people used to believe that dreams have a predicting quality in them, or that dreams are messages from the God(s). However, nowadays we use dreams to analyze our waking state better. Research has shown that the analysis of dreams can help tremendously in recovering from psychological problems, situations or even trauma’s, by understanding the hidden subconscious meaning behind it. Especially dreams after trauma can show that trauma is still not processed and integrated in a persons life. Some recurring dreams might also have a significant meaning. Some people remember dreams, others don’t.

If you are interested in your dreamworld, certain dreams/nightmares you have, or the meaning behind reoccurring dreams, you can contact me, and we can make a consult about the possible meaning(s) of your dream. You can also send your dream in writing and I can analyze the possible meaning for you, using researched methods of dream symbolism. However, a life consult might be better, as through talking we can find out the meaning together, by delving into the subconscious and relevant psychological patterns that might connect to that dream.

Written Dream through email or consult (45 min) – $60

Service Price List

Intake Counselling
(90 min)
Follow Up Sessions
(60 min)
Online Counselling
(45/60 min)

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