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August 15, 2019by ilumina0

If you want to start eating healthier, there are different ways to begin changing your habits or life style. This Free Udemy Course from Jack is totally making sense when you want to start changing your habits! It doesn’t feel too heavy to start and you can easily start implementing the changes he recommends.


He speaks about:

-focusing on the things you should eat

-having a protein rich breakfast

-drinking water instead of overeating

-avoid sugar cravings by eating fruits

and more handy advice that you can easily implement to start having a healthier life style!


Other tips that are beneficial for your life style:

-eat lots of veggies

-use spices, sauces, salsa’s, herbs to make your meal tasty and a festivity

-eat nuts and seeds as a snack

-switch between clear water and sparkly water

-skip the cheat day, just have a life style that you can maintain every day

-try not to go for too much carbs, and no sugar

-hungry? drink water

-lower your stress by taking breaks on time


by ilumina

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