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June 19, 2019by ilumina0

In my Holistic Life Counselling I use the knowledge and systems of Archetypes. Archetypes are certain ancient or historic ideas of a certain role, look and outlook a certain character had in history. Archetypes exist almost in any culture. They are certain type of images that we mold our identity to, we can do this consciously (nowadays modelling towards a celebrity) or subconsciously (modelling towards historic or even mythological characters).

In people there has often been the need for a certain form of recognition and understanding of their path in life. People try to find identity in all kinds of things that they do, think, feel or act on. Identity can be found in an established religion, which gives meaning to life in a standard set of religious believes and identities of holy people or ancient people that once walked the earth. The idea of the use of archetypes in your life is that you learn from your examples. It doesn’t mean you become someone else or should become someone else. It is just a form of finding a certain guidance or direction that attracts you, to shape your further activities or to find people with common interests, who also share the same person, model, archetype or idea.

It is not a quick fix all the time, but following a certain role model or shaping your identity towards one or more archetypes can bring a certain kind of explanation and understanding of your behavior. This can be different per person, and everyone has a different idea of what this symbol means to them.

To connect to ancient archetypes can lead to certain creative solutions that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought would be possible. The theory of archetypes was already used in the time of Jung. And in spiritual astrology it is widely used as an understanding of different personalities of people.

The book that can be a red thread towards discovering your archetypes is the book called: Sacred Contracts from Caroline Myss. I wrote a review about that book, because it is important that you can say that you have an option whether or not you feel connected to her theory or to the use of archetypes at all. You still have a free will to change and grow in your identity. So it can give you ideas and guidelines, but in the end, your inner being is essential in defining your actual identity.

If you are interested in discovering your own Archetypes and connecting to what it can do for you or what they mean in your life, you can book a Holistic Life Counselling session.


by ilumina

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