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August 2, 2019by ilumina0

Spirituality means to me to feel inner joy and happiness or to coop with life in a peaceful and loving way to yourself and others. Also self expression and creative outlet are forms of spirituality. Spirituality can also be a way of living with acceptance and being able to love yourself and others, even if you have the tendency to be critical to improve. Also accepting growth, slow and fast growth, nature growth and inner growth. Patience and motivation and well directed passion. Accepting what life gives to you and feel grateful and happy, moving forward in life, growing. Accepting that some things look or seem imperfect, accepting the flaw, accepting the growth, being at peace with your own progress in life.

Spirituality to me feels like a journey of growth. It feels like a form of letting go the judging and critical of yourself and others. Self love and loving others, acceptance and tolerance of different point of views and different lifestyles and different upbringings. Being accepting to what is real to you or what is reality and live according to what is possible in life. Openness to life experience, not fearing, not fearing the unknown. Nature and possibilities of shaping your own life according to your capacities and talent(s). Possibilities that can be small miracles on your road of growing.

The fully functioning person that experiences this whole spectrum of emotions is part of a life that is experienced and lived. I however don’t feel that sorrow and pain must be in that amount that it becomes difficult to handle. I think there has to be a balance according to what people can handle, and it should not be inflicted on purpose. It should be more like the consequence of living a life, with relationship to the unknown and a learning curve to make better decisions. So it should be more like a side effect, not something to strive for. And the silver lining of the side effect is the wisdom and healing capacities that come with it.

The religion can limit the vision of spirituality, the acceptance of other religions, and the multicultural and changing society. The society is also adapting and changing through the time and the collective experiences. Religion gives ideas about a time that already has passed, it can be a guidance, but can also stop the development of a society towards a better world for all people or most people. A true religion should also be acceptable of people that don’t have the same religion. A true religion should not force or make war because of their statements and beliefs.

An organized religion gives people a community that they can belong to, feeling safe and valued in their community and having a peaceful and sharing of the same ideas in a group. It gives guidance towards what is a sane way to live your life, being that the religion itself is sane and proven to be sane. The sanity of a religion can be also questionable, because mostly the spiritual side of a religion can be difficult to grasp. There is a need for spiritual guidance where people can understand what is useful to practice and how to practice it. However, a true religion should be inclusive and not exclusive, meaning that it is tolerant and accepting people. A true religion should also be focused on the positive or have a sane view about life on earth.

The meaning of spirituality also means for me to find sexual liberation, and find freedom in life. This leads to sexual empowerment and healthy life style. This can happen after the solving of emotional conflicts and (self) reflecting. Loving the side of life that seems more simple after understanding your emotions and needs better.

For everyone spirituality can maybe mean something different, so there is a growth for everyone towards their own liberation or finding of life direction. Spirituality can also mean that you live a happy mind and feeling in a happy body. It can also mean a certain form of submission and acceptance in life. Letting go of struggle and unhappiness.


by ilumina

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