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June 14, 2019by ilumina0

The meditative therapy sessions itself can take up from 30 to maximum 90 minutes. This can differ per problem and per goal. If you think counseling doesn’t reach the problem quite well or if you want to dive deeper in your subconscious, then meditative therapy might be the right solution for you. You go into meditative state, and while you’re there I’m going to ask your subconscious to support you in the right direction. Important with this is that I also need your words to talk to your subconscious, so it can help you even further. Each session is for that reason really personal and not translatable to another person.

For guidance against all kinds op psychological discomforts, I can help you through guided meditative therapy. The meditative therapy is sort of a meditative state where you get positive suggestions that reboot and can change your possible flawed beliefs about reality. This is how we can treat fear, but also addictions. Most of all we can change long term behavior by implementing good suggestions in the subconscious. In this way your mind and body knows and is aware of the positive possibilities that might change your life for the better!

You can also see meditative therapy as a form of guided meditation, even though it is important to also believe in the treatment yourself, so the effect will be more evident. You have to have an open mind to use this treatment, otherwise you will sabotage your own progress. It is also important that you want to change a certain behavior pattern, so you are willing on a conscious level at least that the current behavior is not what you want, and you want to replace it with more healthy or better suitable behavior.

Meditative therapy is for you if you can at least relax so you can get into a certain sleep-awake state, called a meditative state. This would have the best effects for the treatment.

If you are interested in experiencing Meditative Hypnotherapy sessions, feel free to contact me to make an appointment. 

by ilumina

My name is Shehnaaz. I'm working as a Holistic Counsellor. I offer Coaching & Counselling Services in the direction of Spirituality, Life Purpose, Meaning, Relationships, Single Life, Love, Healing from trauma, Intimacy and Improving a Balanced Life for Women in general. If you are interested in one or more of my services or have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you soon!

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